Thursday, 30 January 2014

McDermott:Never would I walk away from the club

Leeds United boss Brian McDermott has promised fans he won't walk away from Elland Road, despite the club's ownership uncertainty.McDermott has been a bystander in recent weeks as the club attempt to thrash out a takeover of ownership before the January transfer window ends. He has only managed to bring in two fresh faces, Jimmy Kebe and Cameron Stewart, but knows that may not be enough to revive his side's poor form, that has seen them slip to 12th in the Championship. When asked whether he would leave the club in its current state of turmoil, McDermott's commitment remained, as he said: "No. Never would I walk away from the club. I'm a long way from home but I'd never do that, I'd never do it to the players or the staff or the supporters. They deserve better. "When I was brought here, I was brought here on a three-year contract to stabilise the club and take them forward. As far as I'm concerned, that hasn't changed. "But I'm desperate to see an end to this. You keep getting light at the end of the tunnel but it doesn't happen. We need (the takeover) resolving at the top and we need the right people in place." The former Reading manager also revealed that, despite fans' calls for fresh faces, he may be unable to bring anyone in before Friday's deadline, due to the takeover situation at the club, adding: "The more important thing for me would be to resolve the ownership situation. "I've got to believe that we can get it sorted. I've got to believe that we've got the right people here with Leeds."

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