Video Highlights

1975 European Cup Semi Final first leg

The European Cup semi-final of 1975, Leeds United played Barcelona. Of course, Leeds were massive in the 1970s and have since fallen in recent years, but it’s still remarkable to consider that the two clubs played each other on a massive stage.
In the above video (the first part of a three part series), you can watch the highlights from the first leg of the European Cup (later to become the Champions League) semi-final from Elland Road in Leeds in a superbly entertaining match. There are so many wonderful players to watch in the video including Johan Cruyff, Joe Jordan (now one of the assistant managers at Tottenham), Billy Bremner and a wonderful match from Gordon McQueen who would go on to achieve success at Manchester United.The much un-derated Paul Reaney had a great game.
After you’ve watched that, click on through below to watch the other two videos featuring the rest of the footage.
I won’t give the score away in this match, for those of you who don’t know it or don’t remember, but the scoreline in the second leg at Camp Nou was Barcelona 1-1 Leeds United

1971/72 Leeds 5 Manchester United 1