Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow clearing operation at Elland Road...

The snow clearing operation at Elland Road is well underway ahead of Saturday's clash with Crystal Palace.Leeds was the victim of heavy snowfalls on Tuesday and Wednesday with well over a foot of snow falling in many areas, and temperatures have not risen above freezing all week.
But the pitch has undersoil heating and, with a crowd of around 25,000 expected, the clean-up operation is in full swing.
United CEO Shaun Harvey said: "As scheduled the snow clearing operation around Elland Road and the immediate areas commenced on Thursday morning with over 35 additional staff drafted in.
"Our objective is to ensure that by the close of business on Friday the game will be capable of being staged. We have no reason to believe we will not achieve that.
"In the event of overnight snow coming Friday/Saturday then plans are already in place for the areas that have already been cleared to be attended to again so the ground operate in as near a normal manner as possible.
"We would request that all fans coming to the game leave plenty of time for travel. The council will be clearing the car parks that they operate, but the sheer volume of snow that is being cleared will see available parking spaces reduced.
"We would also remind fans who park in nearby streets that they are likely to find these areas snowbound and should be mindful of that fact."

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