Thursday, 5 May 2011

Alan Smith’s Twitter account hijacked by his ex

You remember Alan Smith? Went from Leeds to Man Utd? Dyed blonde hair? Anger issues? Basically the Yorkshire Eminem? Yea, that’s the one.

Well, it looks as though he might look to emulate Marshall Bruce Mathers III a little further and begin writing songs that threaten murder upon his ex – she’s only gone and hijacked his Twitter account…

At this precise moment Smudge is probably running around more frantically than he has in years while his stomach twists and turns like one of those Dyson double drum washing machines as he tries to sort it out.

It all started a few hours ago when the ex-Fiancée (whose name we’re not too sure about) posted this:

She then went on to add this:

And this:

1 comment:

  1. Hmm i'm not sure deano; why spend months claiming to be smith, then when he releases a press statement about avoiding twitter, 'they' claim to be someone else.
    Probs just a pre-madonna who wants some tlc :/