Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bowyer Smith and Woodgate

Well the"twitterleak " picture of the new kit proved right and was not a fake.There has been a mixed reaction from fans.One thing is for sure Enterprise Insurance, the new kit sponsors, have overnight become a worldwide brand! I suspect most reading this like myself had never heard of them. Lee Bowyer is to sign for Ipswich next week.he is away on holiday and his agent has been in talks with the club just needs to sign on the dotted line.Still awaiting news on the new keeper signing, gone very quiet but hope it is announced soon.Stoke appear to be in the driving seat for J.Woodgate with rumours they are to offer him a pay as you play deal.With the chance to still play at the highest level i think Leeds will lose out on him.The Alan Smith saga seems to have gone quiet but my 'source's tell me it's touch and go but in the end i think we may miss out.Well who exactly are we going to sign?As a fan, it is gutting when you see the likes of Brighton  spending £3m on a top striker, and Michael Chopra going to Ipswich and David Norris joining Portsmouth and Leicester starting to assemble a premiership squad.Hopefully new signings will arrive but a message to Bates if you want talent you have to pay for it.


  1. Understanding yours and a lot of other Leeds United fans frustration, i think we have to all keep things in perspective.Did anyone at the club say we wanted Nugent or Chopra ? Do we need any more strikers?

    I think you will have to agree that the answer is No on both counts.

    We also have to think the Bowyer, Woodgate and Smith are all signings that are emotional rather than practical. If as Grayson says if they are all fit and fall within the clubs budgets then they would be good signings. But it is debatable that 2 of the 3 are not in the "fit" category and it would be a massive gamble. If these players were banging our door down to return , different matter...but they are all showing there motivation to be topping up there pension plans rather than a real passion to where the badge again !

    Finally we have signed players that are unheard of for very affordable fees if at all and have shown that they are Leeds through and through, Bechio, Snodgrass, Gradel etc.
    And remember that with a FIT Lloyd Sam,Ben Parker Patrick Kisnorbo, Tom Lees, Aidy White and not forgetting Mccormack(desperate to prove a point) we will feel like these are new signings come the start of the season. I do believe that we will sign 4 players with perhaps Watt and Licjhai as additions on loan. Although i did speak with Grayson at a recent Leeds on the road in Leicester and asked if WATT became available, would you sign him, he answered very directly YES.

    Lets keep positive guys, we are Leeds and proud of it remember !..but like you i am frustrated at the length of time it is taking.

    Mark Eddison(mkeddie1502)Twitter

  2. and dont forget about Nunez! Could be a revelation this season :)