Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ken Bates:We are looking to sign four players

Leeds United chairman Ken Bates has confirmed the club are in "serious discussions" with a number of players about moving to Elland Road - and has reiterated the fact there are no plans to sell any major players.
The club has been linked with players and the chairman told Yorkshire Radio: "I can confirm we are in serious discussions with a number of players. We are looking to sign four players.
"There are three that we failed to get because they signed for Premier League clubs, but that shows the quality we are trying to get it, and you can't blame the players.
"I'm not going into too much detail because it's stupid to comment on what you are doing when all you do is alert the competition."
Media speculation has also been rife about offers being made for players, but the chairman insisted: "Nobody is leaving Leeds United. We've had one offer for a player and we said no.
"There are rumours you read in the papers, that this club is going to offer x for someone and y for someone else. It's all newspaper talk or agents trying to stimulate interest.
"I can assure fans that we have no intentions of selling our top players unless the offer is so ridiculous that it will enable Simon to strengthen his team in other ways.
"Our aim this year is to get in the Premier League and not be a breeding ground for others."

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