Thursday, 24 May 2012

Warnock Defends Snodgrass

Leeds United manager Neil Warnock has defended his captain Robert Snodgrass,as he ponders his future at Elland Road.Warnock said Snodgrass was “justified” in delaying his decision about whether to stay with Leeds.Snodgrass has been offered a deal which would make him United’s highest earner. But he left question marks hanging over him this week by expressing concern about the club’s ambition.His existing contract is entering its final year and a rejection of United’s offer would be likely to spark a race to sign him, despite Warnock’s plan to keep him until at least Christmas.Warnock said: “He knows what I think about him and I don’t blame him. I know he’s saying ‘let’s see how ambitious the club are.’ “When I spoke to him he said to me ‘12 months ago it was Max Gradel, Bradley Johnson, Howson and me’ and now he’s the only one left. I understand where he’s coming from. “I see both sides and I also understand the club having to get the money they could for Howson because his contract was up six months later but it doesn’t help the fans. They want to see a top team and, quite honestly, you’ve seen with my retained list that I don’t think we’re anywhere near as good as we should be with the size of this club. “He is going to wait and see who we sign and how the situation develops. I’ve seen some of his comments and he’s come out and said he’s heard it all before at the club. Snods has been here longer than me so he probably knows more about the politics than I do.”

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