Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Leeds United takeover draws closer?

Leeds United fans are still waiting for news on the impending takeover of the club by a mystery Middle Eastern group.The club has remained silent since releasing a statement confirming they have given a period of due diligence to a mystery company.The Social networks were awash with rumours yesterday that the club were due to make an announcement confirming the deal,however this failed to materialize . Latest unconfirmed reports on the buyout are that investment “from the Middle East” is poised to arrive at Elland Road after an unnamed group agreed in principle a deal to purchase the club the deal could be done either in the next 48 hours, or take up to two weeks.


  1. it is all speculation, 99% of people claiming to be 'in the know' are guessing

    Patience is the key

  2. No mate , my mates brothers aunties uncles son is a cleaner down at ER and he told me that screwed up in a bin was a letter with all the details on. Apparently it's a family from Dubai who own a camel excursion company that operate across the middle east.
    Don't shoot the messenger.

    1. its the royal bank of scotland

  3. Its Bob Diamond, thats why he resigned yesterday .

  4. LUFC new owner is Bahranian, 100% certain. Deal is done but not announced until they find a CEO as he won't be in UK much. Rough estimate of worth £2.5b but family are apparently wealthier than Abu Dhabi lot. The name is Sheikh Al Khalifa but have not had confirmed which one. Ken Bates NOT staying on.

  5. its ken bates wife

  6. No, no it's Bashar al Assad