Thursday, 9 August 2012

Takeover Deal Has Collapsed

The proposed takeover of Leeds has collapsed, according to the Leeds United Supporters Trust.Leeds confirmed on June 26 that an unnamed group of investors, believed to be from the Middle East, had been granted due diligence and it was widely expected a takeover deal would be reached soon after.But there has since been no further information or updates from either the club or the proposed new owners and Leeds fans have grown increasingly cynical about the chances of a deal being struck. LUST issued the following statement on Twitter: "The Leeds United Supporters Trust can confirm that the deal to buy the club has now collapsed. "We will be making a more detailed statement later on [Thursday] once we have had the chance to establish more."It is understood concerns about the takeover emerged on Wednesday when Leeds chief executive Shaun Harvey flew out to Monaco to meet with chairman Ken Bates in an effort to push the deal towards a conclusion.


  1. This deal has not collapsed.

  2. Do you work there then it sounds like it has

  3. if it has fell through why have the club NOT said anything...and just a couple of weeks ago LUST said it was a done deal...we need some one who knows what is going on ot tell us something and until that happens the deal is still ON for me.

  4. Until you hear an official announcement from
    Leeds United Football Club regarding the take over you can stop worrying about the take over.
    LUST only a fortnight ago announced that the deal would be completed within days.Apparently they are releasing a statement this afternoon.Its 4.10pm and still no statement.

    1. the club have now said that there is no more exclusive time to the party and are open for more offers of investment...AND NOT THAT THE DEAL HAS COLLAPSED...looks like LUST just stirring things up...AGAIN.

  5. Incredible LUST awaiting your statement on the collapsed deal.Don't suppose we will get one.More disappointed that without full facts they have worried so many genuine Leeds united fans.

  6. There is still light at the end of this long arse tunnel.
    Lust are absolutely crap

  7. I have found some change down side of sofa so will chip in if needed... Get Bates out....

  8. Just as i said in an earlier response.......SEASON TICKET SALES..........just before season starts the deal that never was collapses...........Ken Bates is a business man..........and will only sell when he can get the best price.......when Leeds are back in the Premier League....................Lets hope and pray it,s it,s this season.

  9. Whilst I agree that the take over has been a long saga.Let's not forget that Ken Bates stopped us going into liquidation.It's not a myth we were that close.Look what's happened to Rangers.
    I couldent handle been called any other name than Leeds united.Ken Bates in a shrewd successful business man.I so want a new owner too but let's not forget that only Ken Bates came up with money when we nearly went bust.

  10. Wake up and smell the coffee9 August 2012 at 19:35

    I am sick to death of hearing people say that bates was our saviour!
    bates did not rescue the club because he wanted to save it!,he did it because he saw that there was money to be made by buying it up at a bargain price.
    We are now his little pension pot, he has turned us into a feeder club because he makes money that way.
    He does not want us in the Premier League because he does not have the financial backing to support a modern top flight club.
    He is happy flogging off our best assets, collecting your hard earned at the turnstiles and ripping you off with overpriced merchandise for the rest of his life. As I said, we are his pension pot, his nice little earner, his guarantee of a comfortable retirement and by going to home games and buying the merchandise you keep the fat dwarf as happy as a pig in s7it.
    So keep on going to ER if you want and enjoy the warm glow that comes from knowing that while ever theres a mug to fleece bates will be out a fleecing.
    In this life, one thing counts
    In the bank, large amounts
    I'm afraid these don't grow on trees,
    You've got to pick-a-pocket or two

    You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys,
    You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

  11. Question my friend.By the way I respect your comment so please don't think I'm looking for an argument or a pointless row.

    Did Ken Bates save Leeds from going bust?

  12. Sorry lads but the guy is quite right wether u like it or
    not KB saved us from ending up like rangers.
    I understand your passion but get real.
    I can't stand him either he's rude aloof obnoxious.
    Can't wait for another buyer either.
    But without Mr Bates we could of so easily ended been called The new Leeds.

  13. Whether it happenes or not (takeover) we must support Leeds. This is not about Bates or some Arab or lust. This is about making sure we (as the fans) support our team, our club, our players and NW. I hope Bates goes and I hope we get real investment in so we can live with the enemy but right now we have a new season and hopefully by the end of it we'll be heading back to the promised land cos I'm sick of seeing us under performing and not being who we are (the best supported team in England).

  14. If memory serves me right there were other bids to buy leeds at that time and only having done a deal with that crowd,KPMG

    Bates bought leeds and the other bids were cast aside.