Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cellino To Buy Back Elland Road after Leeds Takeover

Massimo Cellino expects to complete his purchase of Leeds United next week.In an interview with The Financial Times he stated that he was confident he would be approved as a suitable owner by the Football League, despite a past conviction for false accounting. Mr Cellino blamed the “jealousy” in Italian football for the 2001 false accounting case. He was also convicted of fraud in 1996 but cleared on appeal. He said he was selling his Serie A club Cagliari because he was “tired and fed up” of Italian football and he did not have the energy to run two clubs. “It is not going to be a problem,” he said of the League test because standards in Italy were high. “I have owned a club for 22 years. I have a lot of experience.”

Cellino went on to say  he had the money necessary to buy and invest in the club and would meet the Football League on Wednesday. “On Thursday I am going to the bank and I will buy our stadium. I have the funds to buy Leeds and to run Leeds.” He pledged to return the club to the Premier League in his first full season in charge and keep it there. “A club like Leeds has big potential. I want to see Leeds United versus Manchester United like it used to be. I want to make the fans happy. I know what it means to be a fan.”


  1. That's the kind of fighting spirit Leeds have been lacking for years! What a guy! The sooner he buys the club and is welcomed here the better, next Thursday can't come soon enough. All hail Cellino ��

  2. Leeds just need money. they have the support.