Thursday, 9 December 2010


CHAIRMAN Ken Bates today laid the blame for any communication breakdown in Bradley Johnson's new contract negotiations firmly at the door of the player.
"I never discuss business about players in public because I think that is an internal matter but since Bradley has gone public I think it only fair to the fans that I respond in a measured way," he said.
Speaking on Yorkshire Radio he explained: "First of all, Bradley has not returned his chairman's calls on at least two occasions.
"Secondly, he had an appointment to see our chief executive, Shaun Harvey, to discus his contract. He just didn't turn up. His excuse was that he had to pick his parents up. Well, they are over 21, and where he had to pick them up from you would have thought they could get a cab.
"After all, Shaun Harvey pays his wages, not his parents.
"The following day it was arranged Bradley would see the manager at 10am, before training. At 10.35am the manager went down and Bradley was in for training.
"When Simon pointed out he had an appointment, he said, 'Well I thought I would see you afterwards.'"
The chairman said that if there is a breakdown in communications then it was the solely down to the player.
"As far as we are concerned with Bradley, he was earning more than the Prime Minister," the chairman said. "We made him a good offer and his agent demanded considerably more than we are prepared to pay. We increased our offer once more and that's it.
"Bradley has declined it, so at the moment there isn't even an offer on the table. We are not running after Bradley Johnson. If he wants to stay at Leeds United and wants to play at Leeds, then he has got to keep his appointments and show a bit more respect to the chief executive," he said.
The ball is now in the player's court and the chairman went on to warn: "Players have to realise that the golden days are over. The money is not out there."
He pointed out that Ipswich had recently announced a £14m loss and that one or two other Championship clubs were struggling financially. "The alternatives may not be as bright or as varied as people think but this is a decision for Bradley," he added.

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