Monday, 20 June 2011

Kasper Schmeichel issues Twitter Statement

Following the news that Leeds United have accepted an offer from Leicester City the player has released the following statement on the socail network site Twitter

On Monday 20th June 2011, @kpschmeichel1 said:

I am putting out this statement now, but let me be clear that I have not signed with any other club, and as far as I am concerned I am still a Leeds United player.

At the end of the season Leeds United and I both made a commitment to honour the last year of my contract and try to win promotion with Leeds United.
Therefore it is with great disappointment that I have learned that Leeds United have accepted an offer from Leicester.
I want to put on record that I have never asked to leave the Leeds United, nor did I reject an offer for a new contract, since one was never put to me.
I was enjoying being a Leeds United player and was looking forward to winning promotion this season with the club.
I have spoken to the manager Simon Grayson and he has made it clear to me, that, in spite of having played well for him, this is something he believes is a good deal for Leeds United.
I have been put in a very difficult situation and will spend some time considering my options for my future.


  1. Sounds pretty simple then - dont sign for leicester (why would anyone want to go there?) and sign a new deal with Leeds, and dont be too greedy

  2. Are they mad, Kasper will grow up into a top class keeper, you cannot sell your best players and expect to compete for the title, same old Leeds, always selling there best players at the wrong times, isn't it fun been a leeds fan !!