Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ken Bates On Alan Smith

United chairman Ken Bates has refused to rule out a possible move for former Elland Road youngster Alan Smith.
Media speculation about a possible Elland Road return for the 30-year-old started within moments of it being announced that Newcastle were willing to let the midfielder leave the club.
Speaking exclusively to Yorkshire Radio, the Leeds chairman said: "It depends on whether Simon wants him which is his decision.
"We have to be careful because he has had a poor injury record and what we can't afford to do is sign someone who can't play. We have at least eight more matches than in the Premiership.
"The other thing is his wages. He has been at Manchester United and Newcastle so his wages are in a stratosphere, probably well over the seven-figure medium, so if he did join us he would have to knock a nought off and maybe half it.
"But nothing is certain and nothing is uncertain. I can confirm we are continuing our quest for the right players and if he is fit Alan would certainly be a good addition to our squad, but that would need further investigation and consideration by Simon."

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  1. If we could get him, that would be great. Forget about the Man U stuff, that is in the past. This is about football not childish "he played for them so he is dead to us" crap. Sign him up!!!