Friday, 10 June 2011

Alan Smith:The Facts,Fiction and Rumours

The news that Alan Smith may return to Leeds United has led to intense debate and what can only be described as a "feeding frenzy" among the press and fans.The news seems to have divided the Leeds fans down the middle so much so that one wag tweeted on Twiitter "If Alan Smith returns to Leeds we may have to segregate the home fans!".
There has been a lot of rubbish posted and written about the player and the possible move so this article attempts to put the record straight and dispell some of the rumours currently doing the rounds.

The Manchester United Move

On the 30th July 2009 Leeds United legend Peter Lorimer revealed in an article posted on the offical Leeds site the truth behind the move (click here for full article)
"What happened was going back to the Gerald Kransner board at the time,they had just taken over,the club had massive debts,the tax man was pressing,we were struggling to pay the wages and needed money desperately."
"The biggest asset at the time was Alan Smith.We had offers from Newcastle,Middlesborough,Everton,and various other clubs were interested,we also knew Manchester United were interested.
"I was asked personally by the board of that time to ring Alex Ferguson and let him know Alan was available if he was interested and tell him how much we were looking for.
"And the reason he had to go there was that we were so pressed for money,and it was such a desperate situation,that they were the only team that could pay us the full amount there and then.
"The other teams who were interested,as with most transfers nowdays,were on partial payment terms over a longer period of time.But the club were in such dire straights we needed the money there and then.That was the reason he went there.

The Badge Kissing Incident
                                       Smith has been accused of kissing the badge during his time at Manchester United did this really happen?I for one cannot remember this, i have searched the net for a video/photo.If it did happen surely some gloating Manchester fan would have posted it somewhere.I have spoken to many respected fan and up until now can find no one who can confirm this.

Smith has been seen at Elland Road this Week
                                                               This rumour has been doing the rounds over the past couple of days.Not true Alan Smith is currently on holiday in America plenty of sites have reported the fact.

Would Simon Grayson want Smith?
                                                 To answer this question i am going to point you to an article written by journalist Henry Winter, who always unlike some other journalists is in my opinion fair on Leeds United click here to read and form your own opinion

                                                        M.O.T deano

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