Monday, 9 July 2012

Kewell set for Elland Road Return?

Former Leeds winger Harry Kewell could be set for a return to Elland Road if reports that he is set to join Championship rivals Blackburn Rover are correct. Leeds host Blackburn on 1st September.The one time hero of Elland Road is now a figure of hate from some Leeds fans over his move to Galatasaray, on the basis that he should not have played for the team whose fans were responsible for the deaths of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight in 2000.If Kewell does show up in a Blackburn shirt he can be sure of a hostile reception to say the least

Former Leeds and Liverpool Winger set for Blackburn Move


  1. I hope he does I hate that Judas bastard !!!!!!!

    1. here here , aussie cunt

  2. I used to like him,now i dislike him for going to that turkish team. He should've known better.

  3. I hope he comes back to ER with Blackburn so we can show him how we feel for what he done our two supporters who lost there lives over there don't mean Shit to him I hope someone brakes both his legs the Judas Money hungry C¥NT!!!