Wednesday, 20 July 2011

David Stockdale Loan to Leeds Latest

David Stockdale's proposed season long loan move has stalled.Fulham and Leeds United have been locked in negotiations Leeds had agreed to pay half of Stockdale's reported £12000 a week wages but were not prepared to have a clause, which would allow Fulham to recall the player with twenty four hours notice,placed in the contract.Fulham also,according to a source close to the negotiations, wanted a clause which meant that Leeds would have to pay them £500000 if Stockdale did not play 35 games for Leeds.The latest developments are that Leeds are still keen to do a deal however it appears Fulham are now trying to get them to pay a 'Loan Fee'of £250000-Loan fees have started to become standard, especially for established players on top of the wage commitment. Effectively, Fulham are now asking Leeds United to pay the players wages in full, plus a little extra.Stockdale told a local paper yesterday "I need games,We've signed a new keeper so I might be able to go out on loan."I'm definitely looking to get out and get some games and I think the manager is thinking the same thing.I came to show what I can do and I want to go out and do that again. You can't rest on your laurels and need to continue proving yourself all the time."
Leeds remain in talks with Fulham but any deal is unlikely to happen until after Fulham's Europa League qualifier with Crusaders on Thursday.

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